Period 113 Proposal Submission Statistics

Published: 27 Sep 2023

The deadline for proposal submission for Period 113 (1 April 2024 - 30 September 2024) was 26 September 2023: 782 valid proposals were submitted, noting that submission of Large Programmes is not open in odd Periods.  On the VLT, the most demanded ESO instrument was MUSE with a request of 266 nights, followed by  X-Shooter with 169 nights and ERIS with 138 nights. HARPS/NIRPS on the ESO 3.6-metre telescope was the most demanded instrument at La Silla, with a combined request of 122 nights.

In Paranal, the telescope with the highest oversubscription is Yepun (UT4), with a total request of 474 nights, followed by Melipal (UT3; 309 nights). Similar to P112 and previous Periods, 85% of programmes requested Service Mode in P113 at the VLT.

In P113 the submission of  joint programmes for VLT/I-ALMA and VLT/I-XMM was opened.

The distributed peer review (DPR) in P113 followed the setup introduced in previous Periods. Thus the DPR channel processes proposals requesting a total telescope time of 16h or less, and will evaluate 50% of all submitted proposals, covering 20% of all the requested time. The rest of the proposals will be reviewed by the Observing Programmes Committe.

The percentages of submitted proposals across science categories were:

  • Cosmology and Intergalactic Medium 10.1%
  • Galaxies  27.0%
  • Interstellar Medium, Star Formation, and Planetary Systems 32.1%
  • Stellar Evolution 30.7%
Proposals will be reviewed by the expert panels or in the DPR scheme, under the oversigh of the Observing Programmes Committee. Proposers can expect to be informed of the outcome of the review process in January 2024.