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SINFONI: Calibration data
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The Calibration data are taken for two purposes:

  • to calibrate SCIENCE data
  • to measure and control the instrumental status

    Generally SINFONI calibration data are taken as daytime calibrations. Telluric standard stars and Point Spread Function calibration stars (PSF-stars) are generally observed during the night, as described by the calibration plan (see the SINFONI User's Manual for deteails). If explicitly requested by the user, night time calibrations may also be obtained as part of the Observing Block (OB) which generates the science data (so-called "attached calibrations"). All calibration data taken in SINFONI are processed by QC Garching to obtain calibration solutions. These solutions come as

  • calibration product fits file frames (for example, master darks or master lamp flat frames)
  • calibration product fits tables (for example, slitlet position tables, distortion correction tables, wavelength solution tables, etc.)
    | Raw products | Static calibration products

    Types of Raw calibration data

    The following types of raw calibration data exist for the SINFONI instrument:

    frame DPR TYPE Purpose typical number taken per night and setting
    DARK DARK detector status, dark level, RON, hot (high dark current) pixels 3
    LAMP FLAT FLAT,LAMP fixed pattern noise, vignetting, bad pixels 10
    WAVE WAVE,LAMP wavelength calibration, position of slitlets 2
    DISTORTION DISTORTION,FIBRE,NS-DISTORTION,WAVE,NS-DISTORTION,FLAT,NS optical distortion, distances between successive slitlets 75+2+2
    LINEARITY LAMP,LINEARITY Linearity, bad (non-linear) pixels, fixed pattern noise 10
    STANDARD STAR STD and SKY,STD standard stars for telluric features 2

    Raw products
    | Raw products | Static calibration products

    SCIENCE products

    The following SINFONI calibration products are created from raw calibration files (click here for a complete overview of calibration files and recipes):
    raw frame(s) template/recipe recipe description products, PRO.CATG
    DARK SINFONI_ifu_cal_Dark sinfo_rec_mdark create a master dark from set of input raw frames and calculates the RON, generate a hot pixel map. MASTER_DARK BP_MAP_HP
    FLAT LAMP SINFONI_ifu_cal_mflat sinfo_rec_mflat create a master lamp flat and a bad (large deviating) pixel map BP_MAP_NO. Combine with BP_MAP_DI to generate a MASTER bad pixel map. MASTER_LAMP_FLAT BP_MAP_NO MASTER_BP_MAP
    WAVE LAMP SINFONI_ifu_cal_Arcs sinfo_rec_wavecal define high accuracy detector response distribution, only SW WAVE_MAP SLIT_POS
    LINEARITY SINFONI_ifu_cal_Detlin sinfo_rec_detlin fit each pixel by a nth-order polynomial (n=2) and save coefficients in COEFFS_CUBE. Combine outliers map with REF_PIXEL_MAP in BP_MAP_DI. BP_MAP_DI COEFFS_CUBE
    DISTORTION SINFONI_ifu_cal_NStest sinfo_rec_distortion derive optical distortion coefficients and distances of consecutive slits. DISTORTION SLITLET_DISTANCES
    STD SINFONI_ifu_cal_STD sinfo_rec_jitter cube reconstructed and sky-subtracted Telluric Standard star. Extract spectrum, determine instrumental efficiency and response COADD_STD SPECTRA
    PSF SINFONI_ifu_cal_PSF sinfo_rec_jitter collapse PSF reconstructed cube , determine Strehl ratio and obtain the encircled energy MASTER_PSF AO_PERFORMANCE

    The SINFONI calibration scheme, is shown here.

    After production and certification, the calibration products are renamed with a more user-friendly scheme which includes type, creation date and relevant setting parameters (click here for the description)

    Static calibration products
    | Raw products | Static calibration products

    Static Tables

    Most of The static calibration files are not obtained by a pipeline recipe. They are updated only when needed (for ex. after an instrument intervention).
    GARC arc line reference table (J, H, H+K, K bands) REF_LINE_ARC SI_GARC_050331A_H+K.fits
    GBPM reference bad pixel map (image) REF_BP_MAP SI_GBPM_050331A_REF_BP_MAP.fits
    GCOL position of first slitlet column (table) FIRST_COL SI_GCOL_050331A_FIRST_COL.fits
    GDRS first guess wavelength dispersion solution table DRS_SETUP_WAVE SI_GDRS_050331A_DRS_SETUP_WAVE.fits
    GATM atmospheric dispersion correction table ATM_REF_CORR SI_GATM_REF_CORR_J_025.fits *

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