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   IFS flat
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counts in the YJ raw ifu flat frame
counts in the YJH raw ifu flat frame
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IFS raw flat field is acquired during day time. The pipeline recipe requires imaging flats field products and the wavelength calibration product.

Image of the IFS_IFU_FLAT_FIELD product to be used in all subsequent steps of the calibrations cascade.

Zoom of the IFS_INSTRUMENT FLAT_FIELD product.

IFS Spectroscopic Flats


FITS key QC1 database: table, name definition class* HC_plot** more docu
DRS.RAW.MED.MEDIAN sphere_ifs_flat..qc_rawmed_med of det.plane product HC [docuSys coming]
*Class: KPI - instrument performance; HC - instrument health; CAL - calibration quality; ENG - engineering parameter
**There might be more than one.


The median counts of the raw flat is monitored.

For setup YJ values of about 2500 ADU are generated by the template with TPL NAME = 'Static Weekly Flats for IFS', using DIT=2sec.

Scoring&thresholds IFS Spectroscopic Flats

The QC parameters are scored.

The pipeline reports the frame plane average counts. The counts in the indiviual slices is ~4 times larger than the frame plane average counts for the YJH prism (3 times for the YJ prism). Using NDIT=10 the total counts in the slice in the raw frame cube is a factor 40 larger (30 for the YJ prism). Therefore 1300 ADU (1000 ADU for YJ) must be achieved as average counts number in one plane of a raw frame cube to gain sqrt ( 1000 * 10 * 4 ) = 200 S/N for the YJH prism.

For the upper threshold, the counts in the indiviual slice of a raw frame plane should be well below 40000 ADU, hence the plane average should be less than 10000 ADU.


Date event
2018-04-10 INS4.OPTI1.ID = LAMP_QL2, (before it was LAMP_QL1)
2018-06 lamp counts begin to decrease
2019-01-06 LAMP_QL1 is used again.

Algorithm IFS Spectroscopic Flats

The raw median raw counts is retrieved.

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