Software Requirements for the ALMA Archive School

To fully participate in the school we recommend to have the following software installed on your machine before the start of the school


NOTE: both conda and pip installations are fine,

but some software is available only through pip
(for Anaconda, see: ).
In general, you should try to get the most recent version available (through pip or conda).
For astroquery, getting the most updated version is particularly relevant (see below).

1) Python 3.7 or higher

2) numpy -

3) Astropy -

4) Pandas -

5) Matplotlib -

6) pyVO -

7) CARTA v3 (, select "Stand-alone application" and select the "macOS Electron Desktop" or "Linux AppImage" version)

8) Jupyter Notebook -

9) Astroquery 0.4.7.dev7761 or higher
  NOTE: please install the most recent version available through:
  In any case, please be prepared to install a newer version if it becomes available in the meantime
  ($ pip install

10) Alminer -

- Check packages versions -
You can check the versions of the packages installed using the following python script:

import astroquery
import numpy
import astropy
import alminer
import pandas
import matplotlib
import pyvo
import sys

package_list = ['astroquery', 'numpy', 'astropy', 'alminer', 'pandas', 'matplotlib', 'pyvo']

for package in package_list:
   module = sys.modules[package]
   print("{} version: {}".format(package, getattr(module, '__version__', 'unknown')))

In case of problems, please send a mail to