Call for Proposals for the Advanced Study for Upgrades of ALMA

Published: 20 Jun 2016

ESO invites interested Institutes in the ESO Member States to submit a Proposal(s) for the "ADVANCED STUDY FOR UPGRADES OF THE ATACAMA LARGE MILLIMETER/SUBMILLIMETER ARRAY (ALMA)".

ALMA has a very active development programme in the partner regions and at JAO. As preparation to (possibly large scale) upgrade projects, usually studies are carried out in all relevant areas. ESO has already issued two calls for development study proposals (in 2010 and 2013), and the third Call for Study proposals has been issued in May. Information about the Call for Studies has been disseminated to the EU ARC node representatives.

Invitees to Proposal are requested to send by e-mail to ESO ( with copy to, at the latest by Monday 18 July 2016, the form “Acknowledgement of Receipt” stating whether or not they intend to submit a Proposal.

The deadline for proposals is 05 September 2016. Please contact Orsolya Szécsényi (ESO's Contracts Department) or Leonardo Testi (European ALMA Project Scientist) for more information.

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ESO Headquarters