Target of Opportunity observations

The objective of this page is to make both WFI and FEROS Visiting and Support Astronomers aware of what is required/expected of them in the case of Target of Opportunity observations [ToOs] at the MPG/ESO-2.20m telescope.
The observatory wide policy with respect to ToOs is spelt out here. In all cases what is set out in that page supersedes and takes precedence over anything in this page which might contridict that page.

Required information FROM Triggerers

Since FEROS is now a p2pp/OB compliant instrument, simply complete the ToO trigger form following following the instructions at that page.

Information FOR ToO Triggerers

All standard observing modes are available to ToO programme. Standard calibrations are provided as part of the Calibration Plan. Additional calibrations must be requested in the trigger form. Additional calibrations that require execution during the night will be charged the time required to execute them. Please note that requests like "Please observe a nice RV standard" will NOT be accepted.

Data package

All data will be provided via the standard FTP archive procedures.

Performing ToO observations

The following provides practical instructions for the observer at the telescope carrying out the observations and need not be read by the Triggerer.
FEROS ToO observations are the responisibility of and will normally be carried out by the 2.20m Support/Service Mode Astronomer.

Start up FEROS Observing Environment and Initialise DRS

Normally the 2.20m daytime TIO will startup the FEROS Observing Environment and initialise the DRS. That procedure is detailed here. Once complete the system is ready for FEROS observations, however WFI observations can also be made without problem.

FEROS observations

The standard, established observing procedures should be followed for ToO observations. Fetch the OBs to Bob from OT (or in exceptional circumstances p2pp), and execute as usual.
Standard calibration observations of a spectrophotometric standard must be carried out in addition to any non-standard calibrations requested.

Data package

All relevant data must be ftped to (account and password info in lasilla account on kila in directory ~lasilla/ToO/accounts.pwd).
The script ferosMkToODir on w2p2off can be used to prepare a directory containing ALL the data related to the ToO including calibrations. Normally the script can be run as soon as the Science observations have been completed (i.e. before the end of night calibrations). Data transfer can thus begin asap. Rerun the script the following afternoon to add the end of night calibrations (if any) to the directory and then complete the ftp transfer by sending the end of night data. To use the ferosMkToODir script:

  1. Open an xterminal on w2p2off as user e2p2ops.
  2. cd ~/FEROS/FEROS-Archive
  3. ferosMkToODir "<Prog-ID>" -d <yyyy-mm-dd>
    Note: the quotes (") around the <Prog-ID> argument are necessary. The complete ID is needed, e.g. "71.D-0192(A)"
    After assembling the data package, the script will automatically guide you through uploading the data to the ESO Archive ftp server.

End of Night

Follow the standard Endo of Night procedures detailed here, i.e. run CALOB.

Next Day

Repeat the above procedure for the Data Package in order to send across the morning calibrations. In the final step when ncftp will ask if you want to overwrite the log file type O (to over write). When it prompts if you want to overwrite the next file, type S! in order to skip over all the other files and get on with transferring only the data not already transfered.
When complete, finally you are done (except for updating the normal ToO files and Remedy ticket and notifying, Shift Leader etc...)