Naming convention for DRS products

The naming convention of all DRS products is shown in Appendix B of the FEROS user manual (see esp. under the subsection @@autoreduce in this appendix) . When the DRS products are converted to FITS files, the below translations in the naming convention apply. This is especially the case for the pipeline processed final data which you may receive for visitor and service mode on DVDs.

If FEROSUseAFDRSFITS = "Y" then DRS products are converted to FITS files according to the following convention:
In the following is:  mDPID = modified DPID = FEROS.YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:ss.sss , i.e. without the .fits extension

The one-dimensional, merged and wavelength calibrated final spectra are:
  r.<DPID>.1081.fits <==> f<NNNN>1.bdf      for the object fibre
  r.<DPID>.1082.fits <==> f<NNNN>2.bdf      for the sky fibre

Extracted and flatfielded orders (i.e. no final spectrum):
  r.<DPID>.1051.fits <==> f<NNNN>ext1.bdf   for the object fibre
  r.<DPID>.1052.fits <==> f<NNNN>ext2.bdf   for the sky fibre
Extracted, flatfielded and wavelength rebinned orders (no final one-dimensional spectrum):
  r.<DPID>.1061.fits <==> rebinned1.bdf     for the object fibre
  r.<DPID>.1062.fits <==> rebinned2.bdf     for the sky fibre