Moving targets - Converter for ephemeris files

This online converter allows you to upload an ephemeris file produced with the JPL Horizons tool and to retrieve it in a format suitable for use with your Observation Blocks prepared with P2PP. Simply upload the Horizons file, optionally choose a name for the resulting file and click on 'Convert'.

Convert your Horizons file to VLT format

Please note: the following settings must be used when running the JPL Horizons tool in order to produce a VLT-compliant ephemeris file:

  • In the "Current Settings" table set the value in the right column:
Current Settings
Ephemeris type OBSERVER
Target Body favorite target or reference object
Observer Location Cerro Paranal [309]
Time Span start and end of the ephemerides, time step
Display/Output download/save


  • The "Table Settings" parameters should have the following values:
Table Settings
observer quantities

1 Astrometric RA & DEC  

3 Rates: RA & DEC

(other quantities are optional)

day/time format Julian day
angle format hours/degrees minutes seconds
Refraction model airless model (no refraction)
Airmass Limit 2.6 (or smaller)
Elevation cutoff 20 (or larger)
Skip daylight checked
Extra precision checked
Reference system ICRF/J2000.0
CSV format checked