ESO Studentship Programme

The European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere awards several studentship positions each year in both Germany and Chile. The goal of the ESO studentship program is to connect Ph.D. students and their advisors throughout the ESO community with the activities and people at one of the world's foremost observatories, and offers an invaluable training opportunity for the next generation of Astronomers and users of ESO facilities.

These positions are open to students enrolled in a university Ph.D. programme, preferentially but not necessarily in an ESO member state. Additionally, ESO will provide up to two studentship positions per year at ESO Santiago for students enrolled in Chilean universities.

Watch the special ESOcast "Fast Track Your Career with the ESO Studentship Programmes" here!

There are two annual application deadlines:  on May 31st and November 15th. To apply on-line, please visit the ESO recruitment portal.

For some quick facts you can download the PDF "ESO Studentship Programme at a glance". For more information, please look at the Quick links on the top-right corner of this page.

ESOcast 149: Fast Track Your Career with the ESO Studentship Programmes

In ESOcast 149 we hear from some of ESO’s current students about their experience at ESO, and they offer their advice to those considering following in their footsteps.

ESO’s Studentship programme provides a valuable opportunity for astronomers of the future to gain experience at the most productive ground-based astronomical observatory in the world. PhD students work alongside senior astronomers and engineers in a creative, collaborative and truly international environment, in which their careers are encouraged to blossom.