Press Releases


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A Universe Aglow Supersharp Images from New VLT Adaptive Optics Colourful Celestial Landscape
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SPHERE Reveals Fascinating Zoo of Discs Around Young Stars Cutting-edge Adaptive Optics Facility Sees First Light First Confirmed Image of Newborn Planet Caught with ESO’s VLT
VLT to Search for Planets in Alpha Centauri System Sculpting Solar systems Aging Star's Weight Loss Secret Revealed
GALACSI Adaptive Optics System Ready to be Mounted on the VLT Laser Guide Star Units Accepted and Shipped to Chile ESO Signs Contract for Deformable Mirror Shells for E-ELT
Contract Signed for Final Design and Construction of Largest Adaptive Mirror Unit in the World The Strange case of the Missing dwarf First light for SPHERE Exoplanet imager
Second mirror shell delivered Super-thin Mirror Under Test at ESO Announcement: ESO Awards Contract for E-ELT Adaptive Mirror Design Study

Press release with NACO and SINFONI Announcement: Super-thin Mirror for Sharper Star Images ESO picture of the week - 7 November 2011: GRAAL
ESO 1106 - Press release with PRIMA and NACO ESO 1056 - Announcement: Ultra-light adaptive optics structure completed for the AOF Annoucement: Ten Years of VLT Adaptive Optics
ESO 1024 - Press release with NACO ESO 1002 - Press release with NACO ESO 1032 - Press release with SINFONI
ESO 45/09 - Press release with MAD ESO 43/09 - Press release with NACO ESO 47/09 - Science Release with MAD
ESO 33/08 - Sharpening Up Jupiter with MAD ESO 55/07 - Press release with NACO ESO 12/05 - First planet imaged with NACO
ESO 19/07 - Press release with MAD ESO 42/08 - Science Release with NACO
ESO 21/04 - Galactic center with SINFONI