La Silla Astroclimatology

The Astroclimatology pages aim to provide La Silla observers with information about the observing conditions at the La Silla site.

Detailed Meteo Information and Meteorological Forecasts can be helpful for planning and scheduling observing runs. The information including actual, short term and long term weather forecasts and as well satellite images. The page with information obtained from the Electric Storm Detector gives up-to-date maps about thunderstorms in the La Silla area and related safety issues.

On the page Astroclimatology of La Silla you will find various links related to the observing conditions and data for La Silla.

The ESO Ambient Conditions Database lets you query the weather database for La Silla and Paranal since Aug.1998

The La Silla MeteoMonitor and the La Silla All Sky Monitor display the current and past observing conditions on La Silla.

Older information is available on Atmospheric Extinction Coefficients at La Silla, La Silla Weather Statistics, and La Silla Seeing Statistics