Proprietary Period for Guaranteed Time Observations

According to the Agreement between ESO and the HARPS Consortium the data taken by the Consortium during their Guaranteed Time are subject to special protection:

  • Raw data and reduced spectra (I=f(λ)) in the star reference frame will be made public one year after observations
  • All raw data and radial velocity measurements obtained by the Consortium will be made public one year after the end of the 5 year Guaranteed Time period

In practice this will mean that data obtained by the Consortium can be requested from the Garching Science Archive as usual one year after the observations. However, in order to make recovery of precise radial velocities impossible, the keywords containing information about the time of the observations will be filtered by the Archive (details are TBD). This filtering will be applied until one year after the end of the 5 year Guaranteed Time period.

All data obtained by Visiting Astronomers (in VM and SM) are subject to the standard proprietary period of 1 year.

Users applying for time on HARPS should consult the following page to check for possible restricions on the allowed targets: Guaranteed Time Observations policies.