MIDI Documentation

In this page, you will find all the manuals needed to prepare and analyze your observations with MIDI. Please be sure todownload that corresponding to the period in which the observations will take place.

Important: MIDI will not be available for P95 and after, as the VLTI is being prepared for the 2nd generation instruments.

All the manuals are in Adobe's Acrobat format.

  • MIDI User Manual
    All the informations about the instrument itself, its modes and their characteristics.
    The VLTI User Manual is to be used in addition to the MIDI manual for VLTI aspects and limits common to all instruments:
  • MIDI Template Manual
    Detailed information on the acquisition, observation, and calibration templates.
  • MIDI Calibration Plan
    Detailed information on the calibration plan of MIDI observations.
  • MIDI Data Reduction Cookbook
    Useful information about how to reduce the MIDI data, where to find a data reduction software, etc...
  • Science Data Products Forum
    A forum is available to exchange ideas, methods, software and data to assist with the production of science data products from ESO telescopes.
  • Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions
    A list of Frequently Asked Questions on data reduction is also available.