First Data Release of the LEGA-C Public Spectroscopic Survey

Published: 13 Sep 2016
Restframe wavelength stack of LEGA-C 1D spectra from First Data Release

The ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey Large Early Galaxy Census (LEGA-C) has released science products from the first year of observations. LEGA-C started in December 2014 and observations are planned to be completed by mid-2018, with several data releases of the VIMOS spectra and value-added products before the completion of the survey. More information on the survey design, sample selection, observing strategy and data reduction in van der Wel et al. (2016) and a Messenger article.

This first data release includes spectra and redshifts for 865 unique galaxies. Spectra can be browsed and downloaded via the Phase 3 main query form and the Phase 3 specific query form. The redshift catalogue is available through the catalogue facility query interface. More information on this data release can be found in the extensive description.