New Release of Gaia-ESO Spectroscopic Public Survey Data

Published: 13 May 2017
Gaia-ESO 5th internal release coverage

New reduced data products resulting from the Gaia-ESO (Gaia-ESO) Public Spectroscopic Survey are now available via the dedicated Phase 3 query interface at the ESO Science Archive Facility. This third data release (DR3) provides a catalogue containing photometry and derived quantities, together with the associated wavelength calibrated 1-d spectra of point-like sources obtained with FLAMES from 31 December 2011 to 19 July 2014, for 25533 unique targets. The release also contains updated versions of these spectra reduced with the Gaia-ESO iDR5 pipelines.

The total number of submitted data files in DR3 is 44210 and included are 2342 ESO archival spectra, reduced and analysed with the Gaia-ESO consortium pipelines. The DR3 data products correspond to the Gaia-ESO internal Data Release (iDR4). In addition to the spectra, a catalogue containing photometry and derived quantities (e.g., radial velocities, astrophysical parameters, lithium line strength, Hα emission, abundances) is provided for a fraction of the stars for which spectra are delivered. The release is accompanied by a comprehensive description. A supplemental data release DR3.1 is also provided, containing updated versions of the DR3 spectra, reduced with the Gaia-ESO iDR5 pipelines, that supersede the Gaia-ESO iDR4 reduced spectra.

Instructions on how to read or display data in the ESO/SDP tabular data format can be found in the 1D spectrum data format help page.

Figure caption

Sky map of observed Gaia-ESO targets included in the 5th internal Data Release (iDR5; from the beginning of the Survey up until December 2015). MW = Milky Way, CL = Cluster, SD = Standard. See Gaia-ESO homepage for details.