Last Chance to Participate in Global Survey of Mathematical and Natural Scientists

Published: 17 Dec 2018
An ESO conference in Garching

The 2018 Global Survey of Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Scientists aims to collect data from scientists across the world to inform policy makers from all countries, especially developing countries, on ways to reduce the gap between men and women in mathematical, computing, and natural sciences. The survey opened on 1 May 2018 and has so far collected feedback from more than 25 000 scientists. Unfortunately the field of astronomy has received one of the lowest number of respondents (about 1500), a mere 11% of the total International Astronomical Union (IAU) membership. Contributions will be accepted until 31 December 2018 so there is still time to remedy what may otherwise become a missed opportunity!

This survey is led by the project "A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences: How to Measure It, How to Reduce It?", which aims to better understand the problems that academics and practitioners in mathematical, computing, and natural science (including astronomy) are facing around the world. It is an interdisciplinary collaboration of 11 partners, led by the International Mathematical Union and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, and supported by the International Science Council between 2017–2019. The IAU is one of the main partners of the project.

Please help this project by taking part in the survey and publicising it via your networks. The survey targets all scientists, per education and/or per profession. It is available in seven languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese – simply choose your language on the first page of the survey).

The data are being collected by the non-profit Statistical Research Center of the American Institute of Physics. Responses to this survey are voluntary, and your individual information will be held in strict confidence. Thank you for your help with this important effort. It is only by hearing from as many people as possible that we can understand the worldwide situation for people in the field of astronomy.

This invitation is being sent on behalf of Francesca Primas, Advisor on the IAU Working Group “Women in Astronomy” and IAU Representative on the Gender Gap in Science project.