ALMA Redesigns its User Experience

Published: 09 Sep 2020

While ALMA antennas are taking an unanticipated break - and while users are mining the ALMA archive, thinking of new projects and evaluating their past experiences with ALMA data and services offered since Cycle 0 - ALMA is launching a new global project to Redesign the User eXperience (RedUX). As part of RedUX, focus groups will be established to discuss specific aspects of the ALMA user experience. By volunteering to join a focus group, users can help shape the future of ALMA. Anyone interested in contributing to RedUX (and in receiving a small gift at the end of the exercise, as a token of appreciation for their contribution), can fill in this form.

The form is not anonymous, as the contact details are needed in order to be able to get in touch. People who have not used ALMA yet are also welcomed to join this effort. For more information, contact Evanthia Hatziminaoglou.