ESO@60: A Stairway to the Universe

Published: 21 Jan 2022

During the EAS2022 annual meeting in Valencia, Spain (27.06 – 01.07) the S14 symposium titled "ESO@60: a stairway to the Universe" will be held to celebrate the scientific achievements with the ESO facilities over the last 60 years. The scientific program will consist of six blocks of 1.5 hrs each, with each block covering a broad theme, starting from Extrasolar planets, Astrochemistry and Nucleo-synthesis, Stellar populations, Black holes, Cosmology & Galaxy evolution and then onto the ELT and the future. The registration and abstract submission are now opened, with abstract submission deadline on 01.03.2022. More information on sessions, keynote speakers, scientific organising committee and co-Chairs can be found on the S14 web page.