Opening for the Position of La Silla Paranal Observatory Director

Published: 18 Dec 2023

ESO is currently advertising the position of the La Silla Paranal Observatory Director. The La Silla Paranal Observatory (LPO) provides and operates some of the world's largest and most advanced observational facilities at three sites in Northern Chile. La Silla hosts the 3.6-m telescope, the New Technology Telescope (NTT), and a number of hosted telescope projects. Cerro Paranal is the home of the Very Large Telescope, the VLT, the VLT Interferometer (VLTI), the VISTA survey telescope, and several Hosted Telescope projects. Paranal Observatory will further be responsible for the operation of the ELT at Cerro Armazones and the southern array of the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory (CTAO). APEX, the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment, is a hosted sub-mm telescope project located on the high-altitude site of Llano Chajnantor. The LPO division further works in close collaboration with the Data Management and Operations (DMO) division which is responsible for the off-site operations and user support of LPO in the framework of an integrated end-to-end system, maintaining the archive facility and its data holdings as a powerful resource, both scientific and operational. The LPO Director is a Division Head at ESO and reports to the Director of Operations.

ESO is looking for someone who can lead the La Silla Paranal Observatory through the next exciting stage of its development, and can drive the Observatory forward to become, with the integration of the ELT, the most powerful - while environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable - observatory of its type on the planet. If you have vision as well as practical experience of running a successful and highly productive scientific organisation or research infrastructure and want to become the next leader of our future Observatory, please have a closer look at the vacancy note.