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Pupil images are created in order to verify the alignment of the instrument along the telescope's cassegrain axis. Images are, of course, made without any dispersive elements along the optical path. Pupil images are routinely obtained at approximately one week intervals during SINFONI operations.

A SINFONI pupil image (median of reconstructed cube). The UT4 primary mirror and the support spider of the secondary mirror are readily visible.

PUPIL Parameters trended


FITS key QC1 database: table, name definition class* HC_plot** more docu
[calculated by QC procedure] sinfoni_pupil..qc_pupil_centerx X centroid of pupil (pixels) [QCsinfo_pupil.py] HC [docuSys coming]
[calculated by QC procedure] sinfoni_pupil..qc_pupil_centery Y centroid of pupil (pixels) [QCsinfo_pupil.py] HC [docuSys coming]
QC.PUPIL0.SHIFTX sinfoni_pupil..qc_pupil0_shiftx X shift centroid - center image (pixels) [pipeline] CAL [docuSys coming]
QC.PUPIL0.SHIFTY sinfoni_pupil..qc_pupil0_shifty Y shift centroid - center image (pixels) [pipeline] CAL [docuSys coming]
*Class: KPI - instrument performance; HC - instrument health; CAL - calibration quality; ENG - engineering parameter
**There might be more than one.


SINFONI quality control assessment page for the PUPIL.

The QC report for the PUPIL includes:

  • UL: Current pupil image under investigation (master reconstructed cube). Centroid QC fit shown as dotted white line.
  • UC: Reference pupil image (reconstructed cube).
  • UR: Difference between current pupil image and reference pupil.
  • LL: Difference between beginning of pupil cube (plane 100 at 1.95 um) and end of pupil cube (plane 2118 at 2.45 um). This checks for any large alignment shifts as a function of wavelength.
  • LR: Current pupil image (master reconstructed cube) inverted and filtered around a first-guess centroid moment. It is on this image that the gaussian fit is made (shown as the dotted line).

    Scoring&thresholds PUPIL Parameters trended


    The absolute position in XY of the pupil in pixels


    SINFONI pupil images are checked after each instrument intervention. If there is no maintenance the position is shown to be stable FULL Pupil history.

    Algorithm PUPIL Parameters trended

    A first-guess centroid is determined by computing weighted moments. Around this point the image is filtered to remove a possible truncated edge (i.e. present in any less than perfectly aligned image), and a flux-weighted gaussian fit is applied to the cleaned image. A simple centroid position (weighted average) is computed on the stacked cube.

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