VLT M1 Mirror

The transport of the first of the four 8.2-metre VLT mirrors from REOSC in France to Paranal (Chile) marked one of the most exciting moments of the VLT project.

In early November 1997, the mirror began its transatlantic journey onboard M/S Tarpon Santiago. It arrived safely in the port of Antofagasta on December 6, 1997. Resting in a special container, the mirror was unloaded from the ship onto a specially equipped heavy-load trailer.

The convoy left the dock for the Paranal Observatory on the next day, accompanied by a substantial escort of local police, shipping agents, press and film crews as well as many interested onlookers.

This picture was obtained on December 9, 1997 on the desert road known as the "Old Panamerica", at the turn-off towards the Paranal Observatory.

Moving at speeds between 3 and 6 km/h, the mirror finally arrived at Paranal in the afternoon of that day. A detailed technical inspection confirmed that the mirror was in perfect shape.



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