European ARC nodes


The central European ARC node is located at the ESO headquarters in Garching bei München. A distributed network of ARC nodes is being set up to provide services to the community. ARC nodes are intended to provide support to the whole EU community in the form of:

  • Extended archive and data reduction support: face-to-face data processing support in a dedicated physical location, modified pipelineversions, re-processing of large and/or complex datasets, advanced simulation development, advanced algorithm development and use, help with archival research projects
  • Support for special projects such as large programs
  • Science community development: support for ALMA research (e.g.,basic training for new users), post-doctoral fellowships, training schools and workshops, ALMA-related specific science workshops, leading science community development activities with ad-hoc assistance from the ESO ARC and advanced public outreach activities

ARC nodes are currently set up throughout Europe at the following locations:

In addition, small ARC nodes might also be set up in Portugal and Switzerland in the future.The following gives a brief overview of the nodes, the contact persons, current staffing levels, and areas of expertise.


Country: Germany
Contact person: F. Bertoldi
Current staff: 3 staff astronomers, 5 postdocs, 1 IT support, 2 COFUND fellows
Expertise: advanced data analysis and modeling (including Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy), polarimetry, zero-spacings correction for continuum data
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Country: Italy
Contact person: J. Brand
Staff: 5 staff astronomers, 3 postdocs, 2 IT support, 1 COFUND fellow
Expertise: Data handling/GRID-technology, Mosaicing, Coordinating surveys/key-projects, Polarimetry
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Countries: Denmark, Sweden, Finland
Contact person: W. Vlemmings
Staff: 3 staff astronomers, 1 software engineer
Expertise: Multi-Frequency Synthesis, Phase modeling, Self-calibration,Astrometry, Deconvolution, GRID computing, Astrochemical modellingand radiation transfer
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IRAM, Grenoble

Countries: France, Spain, Germany
Contact person: F. Gueth
Staff: 4 staff astronomers, 4 software support, 1 COFUND fellow
Expertise: Calibration, Phase correction, Polarimetry, Imaging simulator, Schools
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Allegro, Leiden

Country: The Netherlands
Contact person: M. Hogerheijde
Staff: 1 staff astronomer, 3 postdocs
Expertise: High-frequency, Wide field imaging, Data analysis tools
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Country: United Kingdom
Contact person: T. Muxlow
Staff: 3 staff astronomers, 2 postdocs, 1 COFUND fellow
Expertise: Data analysis, Archive, Data reduction heuristics, Proposal preparation, Multi-Frequency-Synthesis and Wide-field & high-dynamic range imaging
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Countries: Czech Republic
Contact person: M. Karlicky
Staff: 2 staff astronomers, 2 postdocs, 1 IT support
Expertise: Solar and (extra)galactic astrophysics, Laboratory measurements of molecular spectral lines, Observation planning, Data quality check, Data storage and processing, Data reduction using CASA
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