NGAS Disks Handling Instructions


This page contains instructions on how to handle the NGAS magnetic disks upon arrival until departure, this page concerns SciOps in general, but primarily the 2.2m and 3.6m TIOs Coordinators.

NOTE: For further understanding of the NGAS it would be advisable to check the NGAS Homepage. To browse through some useful tools, see: NGAS Tools

General Comment

People in garching is expecting to receive at least one disk almost every week, we MUST bear in mind that they need the data over there so we CAN NOT wait and keep the disks here. As soon as one set of disks is full, the Main disk has to be shipped off in the next diplo-bag, even if this means that you have to send a single disk in a big Peli-case.


Upon Arrival:

Check NGAS magnetic disks status. NGAS Status. Once a set of Disks is full:

  • Do not change a NGAS disk before the night is over (12UTC).
  • Do not change a NGAS disk before letting La Silla Archive (Anton or Blanca) know.
  • Remove the set from w2p2nau, following the stablished NGAS Disks Exchange procedure.
  • Put the Main disk into the Peli-case and get it ready for the next diplo-bag.
  • Give the Replica removed from the w2p2nbu to Data Handling.
  • Update and add comment (if necessary) on the NGAS Operators Log Book
  • Update the status of the disks (e.g. in Garching, in La Silla, etc.) on the disk_status page.


The e-mail should always be used if there are problems with the system. Such problems should be reported immediately and you should not hesitate to report even minor things if you have doubts about the correctness of the archiving process. This includes problems with deleting data and the whole DFS data flow.