M2 Operations

New M2 unit has three linear axis to adjust focus and collimation in X/Y direction. Their software range in mm are:
X/Y ~ 0.15  to 9.5 (mm) ; Center position 5.0/5.0 after initialization
Z     ~ 0.00  to 32  (mm) ; Center position 13.4 after initialization
1 millimeters means 1000 encoders units

Initialization and Manual Control

Open panel e3p6m2Engineering then in the Devices frame, check substate LOAD then press INIT ALL button. Wait ~ 5minutes and check the positions fields. Once the Initialization fields shows INIT, use selection buttons to set them ONLINE one by one. To move them use the Preset frame entry field and command buttons and  to set either x,y or z to any position in the range in millimeters or encoders units. Preset could also be absolute or relative to the current position according to the radio button selection.

Automatic Control

Focus and collimation can be corrected whenever be requested by the user (Particular corrections) as a function of the Serurier temperature and Zenith distance for Z and Telescope position model table for X/Y. Corrections can be done one by one or both. Open panel e3p6m2gui and see "Particular Correctionsns" buttons M21COR (both), FOC1COR (focus) and COL1COR (Collimation).
To do cycles corrections according to either frequency and/or position difference and/or serurier temperature variations criterias, check buttons   START CYC(both) START FOC(focus) START COL(collimation). To stop them just press the corresponding STOP button.
Cycle corrections will be applied if telescope is in TRACKING, in any other state, it won't . Then for Telescope preset is not needed to stop it.

Focus Coeffients Entry and Test Panel


Focus formula Z(enc-units) = f1 + f2*SerurierTemp + f3*ZD can be tested just selecting the instrument and using the coefficients entry fields to be saved in the data base with the "Update DB" and computed with the "CALCFOC" buttons.

Collimation Table Panel


This is the Collimation model table entry for new x/y values by telescope position found after an Image Analisys Measurement and optimization.