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Welcome to Claudio Cumani's home page!

Year of Birth: 1963
Race: human
Sex: Male
Height: 176 cm (something like 5' 9", I think)
Weight: 69 kg (something like 152 lbs, I think)
Hair: black (and white !!!)
Eyes: brown
Nationality: Italian (but I HATE nationalisms)
Ancestors: Hungarians (Cumania - Kunság - is an area of Hungary), French ... (like every real Italian)
Interests: friends, books (isn't a good book a good friend ?), music, politics, history, photography, swimming, walks, ...

I'm working at ESO in the Optical Detector Team.
If you don't have anything better to do, here is my Curriculum Vitae.
Further down on this page is my work address where you can reach me.

How can you contact me ?

   Claudio Cumani
   ESO - European Southern Observatory
   Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2, D-85748 Garching bei München
   Voice : +49-(0)89-3200-6751
   Fax   : +49-(0)89-3202362
   URL   :

And do feel free to drop me e-mail anytime, telling me what you think of this page, especially if you know any sites it should be linked to ... including your own. Again, it's

Or, you can try just clicking HERE to mail me. That will work with some mailers, at least.

Tschüß! - Claudio

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