Foreseen Changes regarding Paranal Instrumentation and Facilities

UT instruments and facilities

  • CRIRES is being transformed into a cross-dispersed échelle spectrograph. The upgraded instrument will replace VIMOS on the Nasmyth B focus of UT3 during the first semester of 2018. VIMOS is likely to be decommissioned in either Period 100 or early in Period 101.
  • Commissioning of ESPRESSO, the Échelle SPectrograph for Rocky Exoplanet and Stable Spectroscopic Observations, will continue until Period 100.
  • ESO is investigating the use of VISIR for a specific experiment with would require its installation at UT4 Nasmyth A (therefore replacing HAWK-I) during 2018 or 2019.

Activities related to the installation of the Adaptive Optics Facility on UT4 (Yepun)

  • The commissioning of the AOF and AOF-related systems will continue to require monthly slots of up to 7 days or bi-monthly 10 to 15-day slots on UT4 until Period 100. 
  • Up to 50 nights of Director's Discretionary Time will be dedicated to observations of one or more deep fields with MUSE, once the adaptive optics module, GALACSI, has been successfully commissioned. A number of proposals were received in response to the Call for ideas and are currently under review.

VLTI instruments and facilites

  • AMBER will likely be decommissioned in the near future.
  • Installation of MATISSE, the Multi AperTure mid-Infrared SpectroScopic Experiment, is expected to start in Period 100 and may affect VLTI operations.
  • The installation and commissioning of the first New Adaptive Optics Module for Interferometry (NAOMI), the low order adaptive optics system for the ATs, is expected to take place during Period 100, during which the corresponding AT will not be available for regular operation for approximately two weeks. The three others will be installed and commissioned during Period 101.