CONICA's Characteristics

Since May 2004, CONICA the infrared camera and spectrometer attached to NAOS is equipped with an Aladdin3 array (InSb - 1024*1026 pixels).
Only the main characteristics of this camera are reported here. Please see the user manual for a full description.

Detector characteristics

Detector Format (pixels) Pixel size (microns) Dark current (e-/s/pixel) Wavelength range (microns) Quantum Efficiency
Aladdin 3  1026 x 1024 27 0.05 - 0..15 0.8 - 5.5 0.8-0.9
Images provided to the users are of 1024x1024 pixels, withthe exception of M' images, which are taken in windowed mode and have a512x514 pixels size format.

CONICA detector readout modes

Instrument mode Readout mode Detector mode Readout noise (ADU) Gain (e-/ADU) Full Well (ADU) Min DIT (Sec)
SW FowlerNsamp HighSensitivity 1.3 12.1 9200 1.7927
SW Double_RdRstRd HighDynamic 4.2 11.0 15000 0.3454
LW NB imaging Uncorr HighDynamic 4.4 11.0 15000 0.1750
LW L'imaging Uncorr HighWellDepth 4.4 9.8 22000 0.1750
LW M'imaging Uncorr HighBackground 4.4 9.0 28000 0.1750

The array's behaviour can be considered as linear up to two third of the quoted full well depth.

Cube mode is a particular way to use the CONICA detector: instead of saving an average image, that is the sum of all the DITs divided by the NDIT, all DIT frames are saved in a cube. The last plane of the cube contains also the average frame. Follow the link above for more information on this mode.


Camera Scale (mas/pixel) FOV (arcsec) Spectral Range Comments
S13 13.22 14x14 1.0-2.5 microns
S27 27.06 28x28 1.0-2.5 microns
S54 54.3 56x56 1.0-2.5 microns
L27 27.12 28x28 2.5-5.0 microns
L54 54.7 56x56 2.5-5.0 microns NB_3.74 and NB_4.05 filters only
SDI+ 17.25 8x8 1.6 microns SDI+ and SDI+4 modes