Offered Polarimetric modes

NaCo is equipped with a Wollaston prisms that allows measurements of linear polarization. The Wollaston is oriented at zero degrees on sky (i.e. E & O-vectors are displayed along the East-West axis).

Wire grid polarimetry and the Wollaston_45 are no longer available.

With the exception of the J filter, which is positionned on the same filter wheel as the polarising elements, all filters and cameras can be used for polarimetric observations. Note however that plarimetry has never been tested in M'.

A rotating half-wave plate located in front of CONCA allows measurements without having to rotate the instrument.


Images of the Wollaston_00 as seen by different cameras

S13 Objective S27 Objective S54 Objective L27 Objective L54 Objective
Wollaston and S13 Wollaston and S27 Wollaston and S54 Wollaston and L27 Wollaston and L54