SINFONI Documentation

  • SINFONI User's Manual (in Adobe's Acrobat format) All information about the instrument itself, its observing modes and characteristics
    • Period 97.0, Pupil Tracking mode information updated.
    • Period 96.1 , to be used for Phase 2 preparation (some clairfication and a few sections updated).
    • Period 96.0 , (no changes with respect to previous period).
    • Period 95.0 , to be used for P95 (no changes with respect to previous period).
    • Period 94.0 , to be used for P94 (no changes with respect to P93.2).
    • Period 93.2 , Current version for P93 (many sections updated). To be used for Phase 2 preparation.
    • Period 93.1 , Pupil-tracking mode expanded.
    • Period 93 , to be used for P93 (Pupil-tracking mode added).
    • Period 92 , to be used for P92 (no changes with respect to P89/P90/P91).
    • Period 91 , to be used for P91 (no changes with respect to P89/P90).
    • Period 90 , to be used for P90 (no changes with respect to P89).
    • Period 89 , to be used for P89 (details on detector persistence added)
    • Period 88 , to be used for P88 (no changes with respect to P87 Phase2)
    • Period 87 , to be used for P87 (updated for P87 Phase 2)
  • SINFONI Pipeline User Manual is available here.
  • A SINFONI data reduction cookbook is also available.

Science Data Product Forum

A forum is available to exchange ideas, methods, software and data to assist with the production of science data products from ESO telescopes.

Data Reduction Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions on data reduction is also available.