6 - 8 November 2023



The real-time control (RTC) system is a crucial component of any astronomical adaptive optics (AO) system. The computational and data transfer demands placed on the next generation RTCs for future extremely large telescopes (ELTs) are enormous, and even current systems require skill to implement.

After a break of several years, we are now continuing with this series of RTC4AO workshops, this one being number 6.

The main workshop goal is to gather international AO RTC specialists to share and exchange experiences regarding the design and implementation of these systems.  Such shared experiences can be used to improve the design of new and proposed AO systems, increasing their performance and usability. As such, the workshop is aimed at real-time control specialists, instrument scientists and adaptive optics engineers. Although the workshop is focused principally on astronomical AO, attendance of participants from non-astronomical areas is welcomed and indeed encouraged to allow cross-discipline discussions to take place.


The workshop will take place at the ESO Headquarters in Garching near Munich (Germany).  Hybrid attendance (i.e. both local at ESO premises and remotely via video link) is expected and fully supported.


The event will be and organized as a series of topical plenary sessions (i.e. no splinter conferences) with contributions in the form of talks only (i.e. no poster sessions). Whereas listener-only attendance is possible, we encourage all attendees to contribute talks and therefore please also submit abstracts.



 ·    Existing/planned AO RTC realisations

 ·    Hardware platforms for hard real-time control and sensor/actuator interface

 ·    Server architectures for soft real-time computing clusters

 ·    Deterministic networking, hardware, protocols and middleware

 ·    Real-time software frameworks and programming paradigms

 ·    Operating systems and toolchains for real-time applications

 ·    Benchmarks, testing strategies, performance and numerical verification

 ·    Future/upcoming technologies, roadmap

 ·    Innovative control algorithms

 ·    Synergies with other control fields


Contributions from complementary and/or related technology domains are strongly encouraged wherever potential synergies RTC AO control can be identified and/or cross-disciplinary discussions would be triggered. Examples of such domains may be (but not limited to): real-time developments (incl. non-astronomical), high-performance computing, networking, hardware accelerators, CPU/GPU/FPGA (incl. hybrid) architectures, data recording and storage solutions, software optimization/parallelization, optimized algorithms, etc.  


Contributions from industrial partners are highly appreciated, provided that they introduce relevant product lines, expected roadmaps and/or new technology trends/design drivers.


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