ESO Cosmic Duologues Series

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We are please to announce that a new series of ESO Cosmic Duologues will start on January 2021. The program will be soon released

The links to the videos of all past events can be found here.


The world is currently facing a uniquely challenging situation that has taken its toll on many important aspects of daily life including scientific activities. In this time of social distancing, it is nevertheless important to maintain scientific interactions and where possible, to take the opportunity to further develop them. It is also essential to maintain one of the most important characteristics of science - the exchange ideas. The new working conditions of many astronomers have created opportunities that allow us to start new, inspiring endeavours to highligh how astronomy is still humankind’s boldest attempt to understand its surroundings. 

ESO is organising a series of Cosmic Duologues, very loosely inspired by the Great Debate between Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis held almost exactly 100 years ago on 26 April 1920. These duologues will be made available online and aim to cover  the current state of some of the biggest questions in astronomy in a lively way.

For each duologue, ESO has invited two speakers who will present in short, dynamic talks, their side on a challenging scientific topic or related to the sociology of science. The duologue will be streamed live on the internet.

All astronomers are invited to remotely attend the talks. All attendees will be able to make questions during the live event using a chat. Still, everyone is invited to send already their question(s) using the dedicated form. Questioners have the option of staying anonymous.

All questions and comments are reviewed by the Chair of the session and the organisers. The pre-defined questions will be answered before entries received in the live chat. Questions will also be displayed on this website with their answers.

The events are scheduled for every Monday at 15:30 CEST, starting on 27 April 2020, which is almost exactly 100 years after the first Great Debate. 

Contact: esoduo2020 AT


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