VLTI and ALMA Synthesis Imaging Workshop

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VLTI and ALMA Synthesis

Imaging Workshop

January, 9 - 12 2023

ESO Garching

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The Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI) and the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Interferometer (ALMA) are two leading facilities prominent for high-resolution imaging. VLTI and ALMA data alone provided breakthroughs in astronomy, widening our knowledge of the Universe on several hot topics as evolved stars, extra solar-planets, star forming regions, galaxies and high-z Universe. Since the last lustrum, interest is growing within the scientific community to employ VLTI and ALMA data to derive high-impact results (e.g. 2022A&A, 658A, 183B).

Interpretation of Aperture Synthesis Data is a complex and ubiquitous process. Sparse sampling, instrumental responses and the pervasive presence of noise affect the data. The inverse problem of extracting astrophysical interesting information from the observed sky brightness is ill-posed, in the sense that the solution is not unique, or it is not stable under perturbations on the data. Perturbation caused by noise can create large deviations in the solution being sought. Challenges in image deconvolution include stopping thresholding in the deconvolution algorithm, continuum subtraction, detection and deconvolution of extended emission, separation of point-like sources from diffuse emission, and weak signal detection.

This symposium emphasises the need to: (1) explore innovative interferometric image reconstruction algorithms applied to data from instruments across the optical/infrared and mm/radio domain; (2) strengthen the synergy between the two communities; (3) develop and improve imaging algorithms applicable at both wavelength regimes and to multiple Pilot facilities https://www.orp-h2020.eu/infrastructures

During the three-day workshop, a historical overview of image reconstruction methods will lead the participants to develop the know-how for mutual understanding. Further themes include traditional reconstruction methods, advanced statistical and machine learning methodology applied to image analysis, model fitting as well as tools at the interface between the data and imaging. Ample time for discussion is foreseen at the end of each session. 

In addition, ample time will be reserved for more focused discussion sessions to forge synergies between different teams and develop plans for collaborative surveys.

Supported by the EU-funded Opticon RadioNet Pilot (ORP), the "VLTI and ALMA Synthesis Imaging" Workshop will be held at ESO Headquarters in Garching near Munich. The program starts on Monday the 9th to midday of Thursday the 12th local time (January 2023).


Workshop email: vlt-alma-iw@eso.org

This event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004719 [ORP].