La Silla Paranal Users Workshop

La Silla Paranal Users Workshop - P112:
Introduction and news for proposal preparation

Online event from ESO Garching, March 3rd, 2023 




ESO's ground-based observatories located in Chile serve a very diverse astronomical community. The La Silla Paranal Observatory (LPO) offers observations with a variety of telescopes, instruments and observing modes, including both Visitor Mode and Service Mode observations. Furthermore, the Observatory provides support to its users, follows closely the quality of all observations and status of its instruments, archives the data, and for many instruments delivers science grade pipelines and reduced data products. This level of support relies on a complex machinery that, although efficient, may be daunting for our user community. In a spirit of transparency and availability, ESO is hereby reaching towards its users to present the various tools and services available, and at the same time, provide help in improving the technical side of their proposals and in reducing the data obtained with instruments in La Silla and Paranal. On top of that, the European ALMA Regional Center at ESO Garching provides the interface between the ALMA project and the European science community.


ESO organises the La Silla Paranal Users Workshop, with the goal of helping the astronomers on all aspects of proposal preparation, observations, and data reduction. Videos of talks and hands-on sessions are available from the previous events (see here). 

The event took place on March, 3rd 2023 at 12 CET on MS Teams at this link


will provide an overview of the available material on our website, and then cover the following topics:

- news and changes in P112, including introduction to new instruments available;

- updates on Distributed Peer Review (DPR) and proposal preparation tools (p1, ETC);

- VLT/I-ALMA joint proposals.

Finally, there will be the possibility for anyone present to ask questions on these aspects of the proposal preparation.


If you are a La Silla Paranal Observatory user and are interested in the most up-to-date information on preparing your proposals, this short event is for you!

Further aspects on learning how to write competitive observing proposals and to use associated Phase 1 tools, e.g., the Exposure Time Calculator and the new p1 proposal submission tool was dealt with in the LPO Users Workshop Part II.

Registration is encouraged, but not mandatory. It would help us to better tailor the event to any specific request, if needed. We will publish the link to the event on this page in the days before the event.


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