Programme Overview

All times are in Germany times, i.e. Central European Time.

3rd March 2023
12:00 CET C. Manara Introduction + News and recent changes + Online material to help you prepare your proposal [Video]
12:10 F. Patat VLT/I-ALMA joint proposals, the VLT/I perspective [Video]
12:25 A. Miotello VLT/I-ALMA joint proposals, the ALMA perspective [Video]
12:30   Q&A on joint proposals [Video]
12:45 H. Kuntschner Introduction to ERIS [Video]
12:55 L. Nielsen Introduction to NIRPS [Video]
13:05 F. Patat
DPR (keywords) update [Video]
13:15   General Q&A session [Video]

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