Overview of Data Product Types

Science Data

IMAGE Single image stored in the primary HDU
MEFIMAGE Multiple images stored in multi-extension FITS format (MEF)
IMAGE.FLUXMAP Sub-mm flux map, single image stored in the primary HDU
SPECTRUM 1-D extracted spectrum in binary table format (single target)
SRCTBL Sources detected in an IMAGE or MEF image (FITS binary table format)
CUBE.IFS Integral field spectroscopy data: 3-D array with two spatial and one spectral dimension
CUBE Millimetre/Sub-millimetre data, with two spatial dimensions and frequency (normally, in the 3rd dim.)
VISIBILITY Visibility and closure phase for optical interferometry
CATALOG Scientific catalogue in single FITS binary table
CATALOGTILE Data file of a catalogue partitioned in multiple tiles (FITS binary table format)

Ancillary Data

EXPMAP The exposure map records the variation of the accumulated exposure time (in seconds) of 2D image mosaic and 3D IFU data cubes per pixel and per spaxel, respectively. It encodes the pattern of multiple offset exposures being combined into the final product while taking any possible masking of bad or invalid pixels into account.
GAINMAP The gain map (e-/ADU) specifies for each pixel the number of electrons that contributed to one ADU in that pixel of an image.
MASK The mask image describes the data quality of an image array by flagging bad pixels using integer numbers >0.
WEIGHTMAP Describes the pixel-to-pixel variation of the statistical significance of the image array in terms of a number that is proportional to the inverse variance of the background, i.e. not including the Poisson noise of sources. Also known as confidence map.
IMAGE.WHITELIGHT 2D image obtained by averaging the data cube along the wavelength axis between WAVELMIN and WAVELMAX. Also known as broad-band image.
2D array with one axis oriented along the dispersion direction (calibrated in wavelength), the other axis being the spatial dimension, normally oriented along the slit. Wavelength calibrated and distortion corrected 2D spectra can be submitted as associated files of the SCIENCE.SPECTRUM product
CCF 2D array containing the cross correlation function of fibre A with a stellar template spectrum, computed per Echelle order. Each row represents one order, and the X direction is the sampling in velocity space.
CUBE.IFS.NO_TELLCORR A 3D data cube that contains the data calibrated but without the telluric correction.
CUBE.IFS.STD 3D data cube of a standard star.
FITS data cube with the same dimension as the science data cube.
DRIFT 2D array showing the drift in km/s as measured from the wavelength correction. It shows how much the wavelength reference system of one fibre moves with respect to the other.
FEROSTAR TAR file containing various r.FEROS* pipeline product files and an HTML summary page of the reduced products, including plots which may be useful for making a quick evaluation of the data quality. The TAR files contain several types of files, both FITS and non-FITS.
FILTERED Filtered image used to optimally extract compact sources. FITS image with the same geometry (NAXISi) and the same physical units (BUNIT) as the flux map.
FORS2TAR TAR file containing previews related to the individual exposure spectra that were combined: reduced 1d spectrum, 2d spectrum before and after sky correction. The extracted spectrum is highlighted.
HARPSTAR TAR file containing several types of files, both FITS and non-FITS.
IMAGE Image without photometric and astrometric calibration, e.g. an acquisition image associated to another science data product
MOSSPECTRA 2D image, plus FIBRE_SETUP table; extracted, re-binned; all fibers
MOSSPECTRA.CALSIM 2D image, plus FIBRE_SETUP table, including residual shifts WLRES; origin: attached exposures, same OB
MOSSPECTRA.PREVIEW Spectral overview
PIXELCOUNTMAP Variation of the number of contributing exposures of 2D image mosaic and 3D IFU data cubes per pixel and per spaxel, respectively.
MUSE.PIXTABLE_REDUCED Intermediate product compatible with the MUSE data reduction pipeline (PRO.CATG = PIXTABLE_REDUCED)
PREVIEW Downscaled version of the image or plot of the spectrum (graphics file format)
README Text file
RESMAP Map of residuals after removal of sources (FITS image)
RMSMAP RMS noise map (FITS image)
SNRMAP Signal-to-noise ratio map, equal to the arithmetic ratio of flux map and noise map (FITS image)
SPECTRUM Signal, error, and SNR (ASCII or FITS format)
SPECTRUM.TELLURIC Telluric spectrum
SRCMASK Sextractor source mask file (FITS image)
SRCTBL Catalogue of sources directly detected in the map image (ASCII format)
VARMAP Variance map (FITS image)