Visiting Astronomers - Taxi information

When arriving at the Santiago airport, e.g. to go to the ESO Guesthouse, it is very important that you follow this procedure. Travellers must approach the TransVIP counter – either in the post-customs area of the International Terminal (Llegadas Internacionales) or in the customs area of the Domestic Terminal (Llegadas Nacionales) – where s/he will be assigned a vehicle.

Taxi services to/from Santiago airport are provided by the TransVIP company. Please do not take any other taxi company at the airport.

WARNING! It has been reported that taxi drivers impersonating TransVIP personnel can approach you and offer their services when you exit the passengers-only area of the terminal. They may know that you are associated to ESO, and will make you pay some unreasonable taxi fees if you go with them. When you arrive in Chile, ESO has already paid for your taxi and your name is on a list of passengers held by TransVIP personnel at their counter. To avoid being scammed, it is imperative that you always go to the TransVIP counter, give your name and indicate that you are an ESO traveller. You will then be given instructions and the exit gate at which your taxi is located. You never have to pay a taxi fee in Santiago when your trip has been arranged by ESO. Taxi fees paid by travellers to "fake drivers" will not be reimbursed by ESO.

The TransVIP counters are currently available at gates 3 and 4 as depicted below. This may however vary with time and this information should be considered as indicative only.