ETC-42 : How to User the generic VO compliant Exposure Time Calculator

Nikolaos Apostolakos (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille), Chabaud P.Y., Surace C., Meunier J.C., G. Leleu, V. LeBrun, J.G. Cuby


International agencies and Instrument Centers have developed their own Exposure Time Calculators in order to provide simulations of instrument performances. Most of the time, ETCs are instrument dependent
and the outputs di ffer from one system to another, even for similar queries. The use of several definition of noises, flux integration makes the ETCs not easy to use on another
project. After comparing several ETCs, we defined independent computation steps needed in any ETC whatever the project and the nature (earth or
space base) of the observational site are. We applied this structure to this new ETC. Indeed we developed a new Virtual Observatory compliant Exposure Time Calculator. This new ETC has been designed in order to facilitate the integration of new sites, instruments and sources by the ultimate user. It is no more instrument dedicated but is based on generic XML input data and is already
covering a wide wavelength range (from NIR, to UV).This focus demo will show functionalities of the ETC and focus on the interoperability of the ETC.

the tool is available at


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