Paper ID First Author Title
P001 Agneray, François The Information Systems at CeSAM
P002 Alexov, Anastasia Status of LOFAR Data in HDF5 Format
P003 Allen, Alice Practices in Code Discoverability: Astrophysics Source Code Library
P004 Balbinot, Eduardo The DES-Brazil Science Portal and the simulation of the MW resolved stellar population with AddStar (TRILEGAL)
P005 Balm, Paul Herschel Interactive Processing Environment: Open to the world and the future
P006 Barnsley, Robert A fully automated data reduction pipeline for the FRODOSpec integral field spectrograph
P007 Beard, Steven SCASim - A flexible and reusable detector simulator for the Mid Infrared Instrument of the James Web Space Telescope
P008 Belik, Marcel Visualization of Coronal Structures and Solar Physics
P009 Belikov, Andrey LOFAR Long-Term Archive
P010 Benkevitch, Leonid HART: An Efficient Modeling Framework for Simulated Solar Imaging
P011 Berry, David New Features in AST - a WCS Management and Manipulation Library
P012 Bilenko, Irina Statistical Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics of Coronal Hole Magnetic Fields
P013 Boch, Thomas The CDS cross-match service
P014 Boffi, Francesca Romana Actions to Meet the Science-Driven Computing Needs at the Space Telescope Science Institute
P015 Bohlender, David The Dominion Astrophysical Observatory Spectroscopic Plate and Science Archives
P016 Bonnarel, François Evolution of the IVOA Characterisation Data Model
P017 Bonnin, Xavier The philosophy of user interfaces in HELIO and the importance of CASSIS
P022 Borsenberger, Jean Development of a GPU-based wideband receiver at the Nancay radio telescope
P018 Buddelmeijer, Hugo Query Driven Visualisation of Large-Scale Astronomical Datasets in Astro-WISE
P019 Bushouse, Howard The JWST Calibration Reference Data System
P020 Cardiel, Nicolas TESELA: a new tool to determine blank fields
P021 Ceballos, Maria Teresa Pulse detection and processing in TES X-ray detectors
P023 Chilingarian, Igor Lessons learnt in building VO resources: binding together several VO standards into an operational service
P024 Clarke, David ALMA Scheduling - It's Dynamic!
P025 Collins, Ross Calculating proper motions in the WFCAM Science Archive for UKIDSS
P026 Cross, Nicholas Automatic production of test data to aid integration of Gaia First Look Monitor software
P027 Da Rocha, José Carlos Ferreira A Multi-Agent System To Astronomical Data Analysis
P028 Damian, Adrian Group Membership Based Authorization to CADC Resources
P029 Davis, Lindsey Translating ALMA User Science Goals into Pipeline Processing Requests
P030 De Cuyper, Jean-Pierre The Digitiser and Archive Facility at teh Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)
P031 De Jong, Jeroen The PACS pipeline extensions: Making tasks suitable for interactive and automatic processing.
P032 Derriere, Sebastien Web scraping for astronomy
P033 Diaz, Rosa The STScI Exposure Time Calculators
P034 Dobos, Laszlo An Array Library for Microsoft SQL Server with Astrophysical Applications
P035 Donaldson, Tom TRAP - The Reusable Astronomy Portal
P036 Doronin, Mikhail VAMDC ′Virtual Atomic and Molecular Centre′ and Astrophysics: Level 2 release
P037 Dowler, Patrick CAOM-2.0: The Inevitable Evolution of a Data Model
P038 Dubernet, Marie Lise SPECTCOL: A new software to combine spectroscopic data and collisional data within VAMDC
P039 Eguchi, Satoshi Improvement of Service Searching Algorithm in the JVO Portal Site
P040 Fabbian, Giulio Spherical harmonic transforms with S2HAT (Scalable Spherical Harmonic Transform library)
P041 Fabbro, Sébastien Automated transient detection on the Cloud
P042 Fadda, Dario Correcting transients in unchopped PACS/Herschel spectroscopy
P043 Fernique, Pierre Easy comparison of dataset footprints with MOC
P044 Fourniol, Nathalie News about ESO Archive services: New Request Handler and Data Access Delegation
P045 Freemon, Mike LSST Data Management Infrastructure
P046 Gaffney, Niall The Next Generation of HLA Image Products
P047 Gardes, Benjamin Determination of the contamination rate for CoRoT targets
P048 George, Samuel Probing magnetic fields with GALFACTS
P049 Gieseke, Fabian Photometric Redshift Estimation of Quasars via Regularized Regression
P050 Goldoni, Paolo Advanced Features of the X-shooter Pipeline
P051 Gray, Norman The AstroDAbis Tagging Service: tags and cross-matches for remote catalogues
P052 Grumm, David Cosmic Ray Identification and Ramp-fitting in JWST Data
P053 Gwyn, Stephen The Solar System Object Search Tool at the CADC: A precovery engine
P054 Haase, Jonas The European HST Archive is moving!
P055 Haigron, Régis ASTOOL, A VO compliant Tool for Image and Catalogue Astrometry
P057 Hernandez Munoz, Jose Luis Data management aspects in the context Gaia's distributed processing
P058 Holties, Hanno Data Analysis in the LOFAR Long Term Archive
P059 Hume, Alastair TAP Service Federation Factory
P060 Huygen, Rik Providing legacy access to astronomical data analysis software
P061 Ibarra, Aitor Solving the software legacy problem with RISA
P062 Jacobson, Jeffery Use all of your CPU's in HIPE
P063 Jenkins, Dustin CADC Advanced Search
P064 Johnson, Tony Experience and future plans for Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope LAT data processing pipeline, collaboration data servers and web based data monitoring tools.
P065 Kamennoff, Nicolas Billion Lines INdexing in a clicK (BLINK)
P066 Kavelaars, JJ cadcVOFS: an open project to create a FUSE based filesystem layer for VOSpace.
P067 Kida, Sumiko Development of analysis software for two-element interferometer fringe data
P068 Kim, Jai Won The FITS Harvester
P069 Knödlseder, Jürgen GammaLib - A new framework for the analysis of Astronomical Gamma-Ray Data
P070 Knapic, Cristina From LBT to TNG: an easy way to inherit archiving system.
P071 Komiya, Yutaka VO Crawler: a crawling system for Virtual Observatory services
P073 Kuemmel, Martin Extending the 3D capabilities of the CASA viewer
P074 Labadens, Marc Visualization of Octree adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) in astrophysical simulations
P075 Labrie, Kathleen Developing for Gemini's extensible pipeline environment
P076 Lafrasse, Sylvain SAMP AppLauncher - An on-demand VO application starter by JMMC
P077 Lammers, Uwe A Generic Globals update block for Gaia's Astrometric Iterative Solution
P078 Landais, Gilles The new version of the VizieR catalogue service
P079 Languignon, David Status of VO-Theory standards and implementations at VO-Paris Datacentre
P080 Laurino, Omar SedImporter: a tool and an extensible framework for constructing interoperable Spectral Energy Distribution data files.
P081 Le Sidaner, Pierre IDIS: progresses towards a Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science
P082 Lee, Steven Some lessons in specifying interfaces
P083 Leleu, Guillaume The Herschel/SPIRE Spectrometer deglitching/clipping tasks and statistical analysis.
P084 Lepetit, Franck VO Paris Data Centre (VO-PDC)
P085 Li, Bo PAL: an object oriented data access layer for Herschel data processing
P087 Louys, Mireille Browsing TAP services with TAPHandle
P088 Maisala, Sami IceCore - A Portal User Interface for workflow execution
P089 Manning, Alisdair The ALMA Science Archive: Data Flow
P090 Mantelet, Gregory Table Access Protocol applied to the Simbad Database
P091 Marcos, Diego ASCOT: A Collaborative Platform for the Virtual Observatory
P092 Maris, Michele Automated monitoring of scientific telemetry compression and anomalies discovery for the ESA Planck Low Frequency Instrument.
P093 Marmo, Chiara Development of a planetary Web GIS at the Photothèque Planétaire in Orsay
P094 Masias, Marc Quantitative evaluation of source detection strategies in astronomical images
P095 McCarty, Mike The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System
P096 McConnell, Sabine A Comparison of Accelerator Architectures for Scientific Computing
P097 Meakins, Silvia Linking Observations and Publications: the ESO Telescope Bibliography
P099 Meunier, Jean-Charles AITAS : Assembly Integration Test data Archiving System
P100 Michalik, Daniel Combining and comparing astrometric data from different epochs: a case study with Hipparcos and Nano-JASMINE
P101 Michel, Laurent A new Web Interface for Saada
P102 Mink, D. J. The Center for AstrophysicsWeb-Based Telescope Time Proposal System
P103 Molinaro, Marco Integrating the IA2 astronomical archive in the VO: the VO-Dance engine
P104 Morales, Fernando Entity-relationship Model for ALMA.
P105 Negoro, Hitoshi Recent Progress of the MAXI alert system and the photon event database
P106 Neilsen, Eric Prediction of Observing Conditions for DES Exposure Scheduling
P108 Pál, András Employing GPUs for numerical integration with Lie-series
P109 Paioro, Luigi Demonstrating the practical advantages of the scalable and interoperable astronomical framework FASE: applications to EUCLID simulations and LUCIFER data reduction.
P110 Panuzzo, Pasquale PlotXY: a high quality plotting system for the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE), and the astronomical community
P111 Pasian, Fabio Operations and Data Processing for the Planck Low-Frequency Instrument: Design Strategies and Practical Experience
P112 Pence, William The New Web-Based Hera Data Processing System at the HEASARC
P113 Peng, Nanbo CUDA-Accelerated kNN for Quasar Candidate Selection and Redshift Estimation
P114 Petry, Dirk Analysing ALMA data with CASA
P115 Petta, Catia Track reconstruction and VisIVO visualization of the cosmic secondary charged radiation paths in the detection of heavy nuclear materials using muon tomography.
P116 Pierfederici, Francesco OWL: a Condor Based Workflow Management System for JWST
P117 Pizagno, James Integration of the MUSE Software Pipeline with the AstroWISE System
P118 Plante, Raymond Enabling OpenID Authentication for VO-integrated Portals
P119 Polsterer, Kai Lars Galaxy Classification without Feature Extraction
P120 Pomarede, Daniel Interactive visualization of shadow effects in the planetary system of Saturn, its rings and its moons using an OpenGL Shader in IDL
P121 Ponce, Rafael Application of GPUs for the calculation of two point correlation functions in cosmology
P122 Pound, Marc MIS: a Miriad Interferometry Singledish toolkit
P124 Rauch, Thomas Quality Control for Theoretical Data in the Virtual Observatory:Establishing Benchmark Tests for Synthetic Spectra
P125 Renaud, Patrice Monitoring and Control of EMBRACE, a 4608 Element Phased Array for Radio Astronomy
P126 Renting, Adriaan (G.A.) LOFAR Long Term Archive Data Model
P127 Retzlaff, Jörg Phase 3 - Handling data products from the ESO public surveys and large programmes
P129 Ringat, Ellen IrOnIc: How to Consider Hundreds of Millions of Iron-Group Lines in NLTE Model-Atmosphere Calculations
P130 Rodriguez-Fernandez, Nemesio Imaging On-the-fly ALMA observations
P131 Roehlly, Yannick CIGALE: Code Investigating GALaxy Emission
P128 Rots, Arnold New Metrics for Publication Statistics
P132 Royer, Frédéric The GIRAFFE Archive : database and VO access
P133 Santander Vela, Juan de Dios The ALMA Science Archive: Implementation
P134 Savalle, Renaud Validation and quality assurance for IVOA services
P135 Schaaff, André The astronomical services of the CDS at the age of multitouch interfaces and mobility
P136 Scheers, Bart Towards Dynamic Catalogues
P137 Schilling, Marcus Human Computer Interaction in the ALMA Control Room
P138 Schneider, Jean The database and associated VO services
P139 Sherry, Michael Current progress on the GPU implementation of the Richardson Lucy deconvolution algorithm regularised with residual soft wavelet thresholding
P140 Shirasaki, Yuji Current status of VO compliant data service in Japanese Virtual Observatory
P141 Skoda, Petr Searching of new Emission-line Stars using the Astroinformatics Approach
P142 Smale, Alan HEASARC - The High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center
P143 Solin, Otto Mining the UKIDSS GPS: star formation and embedded clusters
P098 Sosey, Megan Creating the Prototype JWST Exposure Time Calculators (ETCs)
P144 Souza, Lucélia de Data Analysis Provenance: Use Case for Exoplanet Search in CoRoT Database
P145 Sponza, Massimo Numerical Simulations and Databases in Astronomy and their integration in Grid: FRANEC and BaSTI as a practical example
P146 Starr, Dan ALLStars: Overcoming Multi-Survey Selection Bias using Crowd-Sourced Active Learning
P147 Stoehr, Felix The ALMA Science Archive: Design
P148 Streicher, Ole Python bindings for the CPL
P149 Surace, Christian The software development Infrastructure at CeSAM-LAM
P150 Swade, Daryl JWST Science Image Data Product Design
P151 Taffoni, Giuliano Virtualization as a founding technology for the Grid Infrastructure of the A&A VRC
P152 Tejeda, Alexis ALMA Telescope Calibration Subsystem computing performance
P153 Thuillot, William A new consortium: the European Satellite Partnership for Computing Ephemerides (ESPaCE)
P154 Trowitzsch, Jan Software-centric view on the OVMS for LBT
P155 Vallejo, Juan Carlos Preservation of Operational Science Processing in the XMM-Newton mission
P156 Vera, Ignacio hFits: from storing metadata to publishing ESO data
P157 Verdoes Kleijn, Gijs KiDS imaging survey production with Astro-WISE
P158 Verkouter, Harro Functional programming for real world applications: monitoring and control of the UniBoard using Erlang
P159 Viry, Patrick Running Java on GPUs, application to Gaia period-search algorithms
P160 Vriend, Willem-Jan Astro-WISE
P161 Vuerli, Claudio The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI): current status and perspectives for Astronomy & Astrophysics within EGI
P162 Winegar, Tom Subaru Telescope Archive at Middle-Age
P163 Winkelman, Sherry The Chandra Observational Observatory - Tying the Threads Together
P164 Yamada, Yoshiyuki Nano-JASMINE data analysis and publication
P165 Zambrano, Mauricio Business Intelligence applied to the ALMA Software Integration process
P166 Zarate, Nelson Edge Detection Techniques for Automatic Location of Spectra
P168 Zhelenkova, Olga Use of information resources and program tools of the virtual observatory in the multifrequency study of radiosources
P169 Zolotukhin, Ivan Bibliometric study of the world astronomy

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