The software development Infrastructure at CeSAM-LAM

Christian Surace (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille), Fenouillet T., Apostolakos N. and the CeSAM team


Pipeline and software development in Astronomy are dependent on project developments, astronomers and engineers skills, versatile astronomical instrument configurations and astronomers wills. While development of projects leaded by international agencies are mostly well driven , the other software suffer from an overall organisation in science computing development. This poster will focus on the infrastructure of the software development that has been set up at LAM.
After brillant astronomers' idea comes the time of coding methods and bringing all coding bricks together.

Building up a new software or developing new functionalities go through well defined needs.
the development process needs
- a versioning system
- a development configuration system
- a development system
- a continuous integration system
- a documentation setup system
- a bug tracking system
- a knowledge sharing system
- an application download system

We propose a set of tools that has been installed at CeSAM - LAM and will list the software that could be downloaded from

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