Exhibitors Instructions

Information for Exhibitors

Exhibitors may bring any audio-visual or computer equipment required for the exhibit. If you have questions about exhibiting or if you would like to receive information about sponsorship, please contact loc.adass2011@obspm.fr.

Shipping Instructions

For clarity of information, please defer to these shipping instructions rather than those on the Marriott Conference Center website.

  1. Deliveries to the Marriott Conference Center for ADASS XXI will be accepted no earlier than Thursday, November 3. The hotel will store your delivery for arrival.

  2. Ship to:    XXX

  3. Please email loc.adass2011@obspm.fr, with information regarding

    • Expected Date of Arrival
    • Number of Packages Shipped
    • Approximate Weight of Delivery
    • Claimant’s Name and Contact Information
      1. Telephone
      2. Email
      3. Institution Name
      4. Address
  4. Your cooperation in working within these parameters is appreciated.

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