Oral Presentations

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ID First Author Title
O01 Aboudarham, Jean HELIO: A Heliospheric Virtual Observatory
O02 Armour, Wes A GPU-based survey for millisecond radio transients using ARTEMIS
O03 Arviset, Christophe The IVOA Architecture
O04 Banyer, Jay VAST - a real-time pipeline for detecting radio transients and variables on the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope
O05 Barsdell, Ben Spotting radio transients in real-time with the help of GPUs
O06 Becciani, Ugo VisIVO, a library and integrated tools for large astrophysical dataset exploration
O07 Berriman, Bruce High-Performance Compute Infrastructure in Astronomy: 2020 Is Only Months Away
O08 Bertin, Emmanuel Displaying digital deep sky images
O09 Bolton, Adam Spectro-Perfectionism in SDSS-III
O10 Bridger, Alan The ALMA Observing Tool, experiences from Cycle 0.
O11 Coulais, Alain Space Missions: Long term preservation of IDL-based softwares using GDL
O12 Csillaghy, Andre Mainstreaming High-Energy Solar Data
O13 De Jong, Alwin Scheduling on the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope
O14 Federl, Pavol Remote Visualization of Large Multi-dimensional Radio Astronomy Data Sets
O15 Goodman, Alyssa WorldWide Telescope in (Real) Research, and in Education
O16 Gratadour, Damien Quasi-real-time adaptive optics simulations on GPUs for the next generation extremely large telescopes
O17 Grosbol, Preben A Future Astronomical Software Environment (FASE)
O18 Hanisch, Robert Science Tools Developed by the U.S. Virtual Astronomical Observatory
O19 Hassan, Amr Unleashing the Power of Distributed CPU/GPU Architectures: Massive Astronomical Data Analysis and Visualization case study
O20 Henneken, Edwin Linking to Data – Effect on Citation Rates in Astronomy
O21 Lorente, Nuria Visibility Isn't Everything: Managing Meta and Auxiliary Data in ALMA Observations.
O22 Malapert, Jean-Christophe SITools2, a framework for archival systems
O23 Pepe, Alberto The ADS All-Sky Survey
O24 Ruhe, Tim Data mining on ice
O25 Shortridge, Keith AAOGlimpse - Fun with OpenGL and FITS files
O26 Taylor, Mark SAMP: Application Messaging for Desktop and Web Applications
O27 Teuben, Peter Challenges in Code Discoverability
O28 Warner, Craig GPUs and Python: A Recipe for Lightning-Fast Data Pipelines
O29 Zhang, Ying Astronomical Data Processing Using SciQL, an SQL Based Query Language for Array Data

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