Conference Schedule

Sunday 6 November 2011 (afternoon)
13:30-16:00 Registration   at the Conference Venue
14:30-17:30 Tutorial E. Feigelson Statistical Computing for Astronomy with R
14:30-17:30 Tutorial C. Fluke et al. An Introduction to GPU Computing for Astronomy
18:30-20:00 Opening Reception   at Observatoire de Paris, salle Cassini
Monday 7 November 2011
08:00-09:00 Registration   at the Conference Venue
9:00 Welcome address
Session 1 GPUs in Astronomy and Beyond (1), Session chair: Daniel Egret
9:30 Invited Fluke, Christopher Accelerating the Rate of Astronomical Discovery with GPU-Powered Clusters
10:00 Oral Armour, Wes A GPU-based survey for millisecond radio transients using ARTEMIS
10:15 Oral Barsdell, Ben Spotting radio transients in real-time with the help of GPUs
10:30-11:30 Coffee Break: Poster & Demo viewing
10:45-11:15 Focus Lambert, Jean-Charles Glnemo2, an interactive 3D visualization program used to display in 3D the particles positions of the different components of an nbody snapshot (Nemo, Gadget1/2/3, phiGrape, Ramses, gyrfalcON live)
Session 2 Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Session chair: Ray Plante
11:30 Invited O'Mullane, William ESA's Cloudscape: A review of projects using cloud technology in ESA
12:00 Oral Berriman, Bruce High-Performance Compute Infrastructure in Astronomy: 2020 Is Only Months Away
12:15 Oral Federl, Pavol Remote Visualization of Large Multi-dimensional Radio Astronomy Data Sets
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Session 3 Planning, Scheduling, and Operating Observatories (1), Session chair: Tony Krueger
14:00 Invited Peron, Michèle The ESO Data Flow System
14:30 Invited Storrie-Lombardi, Lisa Spitzer Space Telescope: Unprecedented Efficiency and Excellent Science on a Limited Budget
15:00 Oral de Jong, Alwin Scheduling on the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) telescope
15:15-16:15 Coffee Break and Poster Demo
15:30-16:00 Focus Bocchino, Fabrizio YouASTRO: A web-based bibliography management systemwith distributed comments and rating features for astrophysical ADS papers
Session 4 GPUs in Astronomy and Beyond (2), Session chair: Tadafumi Takata
16:15 Invited Ziegler, Gernot Applications of general purpose GPU computing in the field of astronomy and related research domains
16:45 Oral Gratadour, Damien Quasi-real-time adaptive optics simulations on GPUs for the next generation extremely large telescopes
17:15-18:45 Birds of a Feather Sessions
  BoF Accomazzi, Alberto Why don't we already have an integrated framework for the publication and preservation of all data products?
  BoF Pence, William FITS BoF
Tuesday 8 November 2011
Session 5 GPUs in Astronomy and Beyond (3), Session chair: Francois Ochsenbein
9:00 Invited Mighell, Kenneth Benchmarking the CRBLASTER Computational Framework on a350-MHz 49-core MAESTRO Development Board
9:30 Oral Hassan, Amr Unleashing the Power of Distributed CPU/GPU Architectures: Massive Astronomical Data Analysis and Visualization case study
9:45 Oral Shortridge, Keith AAOGlimpse - Fun with OpenGL and FITS files
10:00 Oral Warner, Craig GPUs and Python: A Recipe for Lightning-Fast Data Pipelines
10:15-11:15 Coffee Break: Poster & Demo viewing
10:30-11:00 Focus Apostolakos, Nikolaos ETC-42 : How to User the generic VO compliant Exposure Time Calculator
Session 6 Virtual Observatory (1), Session chair: Betty Stobie
11:15 Invited Genova, Francoise The astronomical Virtual Observatory: lessons learnt, looking forward
11:45 Oral Arviset, Christophe The IVOA Architecture
12:00 Oral Hanisch, Robert Science Tools Developed by the U.S. Virtual Astronomical Observatory
12:20-12:30 Conference Picture
12:30-14:00 Lunch
Session 7 Planning, Scheduling and Operating Observatories (2), Session chair: Deborah Levine
14:00 Invited Viallefond, Francois Modeling Physical Quantities and Measurement Sets
14:30 Invited Veillet, Christian The challenges of new observing/operating modes at ground based optical observatories
15:00 Oral Lorente, Nuria Visibility Isn't Everything: Managing Meta and Auxiliary Data in ALMA Observations.
15:15 Oral Bridger, Alan The ALMA Observing Tool, experiences from Cycle 0.
15:30-16:30 Coffee Break and Poster Demo
15:45-16:15 Focus Marcos, Diego ASCOT: A Collaborative Platform for the Virtual Observatory
Session 8 Solar Astronomy, Session chair: Pascal Ballester 
16:30 Invited Rieutord, Michel Solar Astronomy and its wealth of data
17:00 Oral Csillaghy, Andre Mainstreaming High-Energy Solar Data
17:15 End of Session
19:30 Conference Banquet
Wednesday 9 November 2011
Session  9   Statistical Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery (1), Session chair: Christian Veillet
9:00 Invited D'Abrusco, Raffaele Knowledge discovery workflows in the exploration of complex astronomical datasets
9:30 Oral Becciani, Ugo VisIVO, a library and integrated tools for large astrophysical dataset exploration
9:45 Oral Bolton, Adam Spectro-Perfectionism in SDSS-III
10:00-11:00 Coffee Break: Poster & Demo viewing
10:15-10:45 Focus Doe, Stephen Iris: The VAO SED Application
Session 10 Statistical Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery (2), Session chair: Arnold Rots
11:00 Invited Feigelson, Eric R: A software environment for comprehensive statistical analysis of astronomical data
11:30 Oral Ruhe, Tim Data mining on ice
11:45 Oral Banyer, Jay VAST - a real-time pipeline for detecting radio transients and variables on the Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope
12:00-14:00 Lunch
Session 11 Long-Term Preservation of Analysis Capabilities (1), Session chair: Nuria Lorente
14:00 Invited Teplitz, Harry Long Term Preservation of Data Analysis Software at the NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive
14:30 Oral Coulais, Alain Space Missions: Long term preservation of IDL-based softwares using GDL
14:45 Oral Teuben, Peter Challenges in Code Discoverability
15:00-16:00 Coffee Break and Poster Demo
15:15-15:45 Focus Dubernet, Marie Lise Accessing Atomic and Molecular Data within the VAMDC infrastructure
Session 12 Long-Term Preservation of Analysis Capabilities (2), Session chair: Jim Lewis
16:00 Invited Fitzpatrick, Michael IRAF: Lessons for Project Longevity
16:30 Oral Grosbol, Preben A Future Astronomical Software Environment (FASE)
16:45 Oral Zhang, Ying Astronomical Data Processing Using SciQL, an SQL Based Query Language for Array Data
17:15-18:45 Birds of a Feather Sessions
  BoF Schaaff, André Scientific Workflows in Astronomy
  BoF Masters, Joe The AstroHDF effort
Thursday 10 November 2011
Session 13 Archives and Databases, Session chair: Daniel Durand
9:00 Invited Cutri, Roc Design, Implementation and Operation of the WISE Science Data System
9:30 Oral Malapert, Jean-Christophe SITools2, a framework for archival systems
9:45 Oral Henneken, Edwin Linking to Data – Effect on Citation Rates in Astronomy
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
Session 14 Virtual Observatory (2), Session chair: Carlos Gabriel
10:30 Oral Taylor, Mark SAMP: Application Messaging for Desktop and Web Applications
10:45 Oral Bertin, Emmanuel Displaying digital deep sky images
11:00 Oral Aboudarham, Jean HELIO: A Heliospheric Virtual Observatory
11:15 Oral Pepe, Alberto The ADS All-Sky Survey
11:30 Oral Goodman, Alyssa WorldWide Telescope in (Real) Research, and in Education
11:45 Closing Remarks
12:15 End of Conference

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