YouASTRO: A web-based bibliography management system with distributed comments and rating features for astrophysical ADS papers

Fabrizio Bocchino (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Palermo),
J. Lopez-Santiago Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), F. Albacete-Colombo (Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina), N. Bucciantini (NORDITA, AlbaNova University Center, Sweden)


We will present a working prototype of YouASTRO
(, a web-based BibTeX-compliant reference management
software (RMS) for astrophysical papers in the NASA ADS database.
It also includes as
a main feature the concept of distributed paper comments and ratings.
Community-based reviews and comments, and more in general participatory
information sharing, have proven to be a very effective way to spread
the knowledge in many fields, and they are the focus of Web 2.0 applications.
In this demo, we will show how to create and manage a BibTeX personal
library to use for citations in our
own papers and how to share comments on ADS papers.
We will briefly discuss what could be the advantages and drawbacks of
such a system being widespread adopted by the astrophysical community
for its scientific literature.

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