Scientific Workflows in Astronomy

André Schaaff (CDS, Observatoire de Strasbourg, France), Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro, Instituto Astrofisica Andalucia (CSIC), Granada, Spain


We will soon be facing a new generation of facilities and archives dealing with huge amounts of data (ALMA, LSST, Pan-Starrs, LOFAR, SKA pathfinders,..) where scientific workflows will play an important role in the working methodology of astronomers. While the traditional pipelines tend to produce exploitable products, scientific workflows are aimed at producing scientific insight. Virtual Observatory standards provide the tools to design reproducible scientific workflows. A detailed analysis about the state of the art of workflows in the frame of the VO involves languages, design tools, execution engines, use cases, etc. A major topic is also the preservation of the workflows and the capability to replay a workflow several years after its design and implementation. Discussions on these topics are being held recently in IVOA forums and are part of the work that is being done in the Wf4Ever project.
We should start the session with a brief presentation of the objectives, followed by presentations about the recent work done in the frame of the VO and about the on going work in the Wf4Ever project. We would dedicate a large part of the session to a discussion with all the interested people to take into account their experiences and needs in the future plans of both VO and Wf4Ever projects.

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