MIS: a Miriad Interferometry Singledish toolkit

Marc Pound (University of Maryland), Peter Teuben (University of Maryland)


Building on the ``drPACS'' contribution at ADASS XX of a simple Unix
pipeline infracstruture, we implemented a pipeline toolkit using the package
MIRIAD to combine Interferometric and Single Dish data (MIS). This was
prompted by our observations made with the Combined Array For Research
in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA) interferometer of the star-forming
region NGC 1333, a large survey highlighting the new 23-element and
singledish observing modes. The project consists of 20 CARMA datasets
each containing interferometric as well as simultaneously obtained single
dish data, for 3 molecular spectral lines and continuum, in 527 different
pointings, covering an area of about 8 by 11 arcminutes. A small group of
collaborators then shared this toolkit and their parameters via CVS, and
scripts were developed to ensure uniform data reduction across the group.
The pipeline was run end-to-end each night that new observations were
obtained, producing maps that contained all the data to date. We will
show examples of the scripts and data products. This approach could
serve as a model for repeated calibration and mapping of large mixed-mode
correlation datasets from ALMA.

Paper ID: P122

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