News about ESO Archive services: New Request Handler and Data Access Delegation

Nathalie Fourniol (ESO), Paul Eglitis, Nausicaa Delmotte, Lowell E. Tacconi-Garman, Ignacio Vera, Adam Dobrzycki, John Lockhart, Dieter Suchar, Myha Vuong, Alberto Micol, Christophe Moins, Thomas Bierwirth, Fabio Sogni, Uwe Lange (all ESO)


Up until March 2011 electronic delivery of data from the ESO
Science Archive was conducted through the use of ftp from a user dedicated staging area. Users would have access to publicly available data and access to proprietary data was only possible for the programme Principal Investigators. This poster presents the new ESO Archive services which improve the electronic data access via the Download Manager and also provide PIs with the option to delegate data access to their collaborators via the Data Access Control.

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