IDIS: progresses towards a Virtual Observatory in Planetary Science

Pierre Le Sidaner (Observatoire de Paris), Le Sidaner, P. (Observatoire de Paris - VOPDC), Andre N. (CDPP), Berthier, J.(Observatoire de Paris - IMCCE), Bourrel Nataliya (CDPP), Cecconi B. (CDPP), Despan, D. (Observatoire de Paris - LESIA), Erard, S (Observatoire de Paris - LESIA), Gangloff, M. (CDPP), Henry, F.(Observatoire de Paris - LESIA), Jacquey C. (CDPP), Leyrat, C.(Observatoire de Paris - LESIA), Sarkissian A.(LATMOS), Saunier M.(Observatoire de Paris - IMCCE)


The Integrated and Distributed Information Service (*IDIS*) is as a network activity inside the Europlanet FP7 program.
Based on a network of thematic nodes, IDIS aims at building the basis of a Planetary Science Virtual Observatory (VO).
The large range of scientific fields (Solar system bodies interiors & surfaces, atmospheres, plasmas, small bodies & dust, dynamics &
extraterrestrial matter) requires to create a very open data model to define data contents, structure and context, but also protocols to access the relevant data.
Moreover this action is embedded in the context of VO normalization where many tasks have already been completed. IDIS needs interoperability and interactions with other projects, in particular with SPASE, International Virtual Observatory Alliance, International Planetary Data Alliance, Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre, and HELIO. Most of these programs are presented in this meeting.
We will present the status of the different elements composing the IDIS VO infrastructure.

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