The GIRAFFE Archive : database and VO access

Frédéric Royer (GEPI - Observatoire de Paris), Royer F. (GEPI, Obs. de Paris), Jégouzo I. (GEPI, Obs. de Paris), Tajahmady F. (GEPI, Obs. de Paris), Normand J. (VO-PDC, Obs. de Paris)


GIRAFFE is an intermediate and high resolution multi-fibre spectrograph installed at VLT/UT2 (ESO) since 2003. It produces 1D spectra in its multi-object configuration and 3D spectra using its integral field unit configurations. The scientific applications of GIRAFFE cover a wide range of topics: from stellar, to Galactic and extra-galactic studies. The raw data collected by the instrument (science and calibrations) are part of the ESO archive ( The GIRAFFE Archive, developed in Paris Observatory, provides reduced spectra from the observations made by the instrument once they are publicly available. These spectra are automatically reduced using the ESO GIRAFFE data reduction pipeline. The reduced spectra can be accessed via the web interface of the database (, which offers a large range of selection criteria, including individual target positions, magnitudes, signal-to-noise ratios ... together with an interactive quick look of the reduced spectra. They also can be accessed in the Vitual Observatory via the SSA web service of VO-Paris Data Centre ( Two collections are available in the VO: the 1D spectra (summed in the case of integral field observations) and the 3D field observations. These latter products can be explored using the VO Paris Euro3D Client (

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