Current status of VO compliant data service in Japanese Virtual Observatory

Yuji Shirasaki (NAOJ), Y. Shirasaki (NAOJ), Y. Komiya (NAOJ), M. Ohishi (NAOJ),
Y. Mizumoto (NAOJ), Y. Ishihara (Fujitsu), J. Tsutsumi (Fujitsu),
T. Hiyama (Fujitsu), H. Nakamoto (SEC), and M. Sakamoto (SEC)


We have developed a VO service toolkit to enable astronomical datasets
searchable and accessible through the VO standard interfaces.

Currently our toolkit supports the following VO interface standards:

- Simple Image Access Specification Version 1.0,
- Simple Spectrum Access Version 1.1,
- Table Access Protocol Version 1.0.

Using this toolkit, the following data resources have been made accessible with
the VO standard interfaces:

- Subaru Suprime-Cam archive (TAP/SIA)
- Subaru MOIRCS archive (TAP/SIA)
- Subaru HDS archive (TAP/SSA)
- Subaru Deep Survey (SDF, SXDS) (TAP/SIA)
- IRSF LMC survey (TAP/SIA)
- Kiso UV-X Galaxies Catalog (TAP)
- Stellar Abundances for Galactic Archeology Database (TAP)
- etc...

TAP interface is used as a general access interface for any data type (catalog,
image, spectrum), and queries through the three different interfaces are
processed within the toolkit by a common query executor.

Our toolkit is developed based on Java, and is composed of the following

- HTTP interface based on Apache tomcat,
- ADQL parser written in JavaCC,
- ADQL Translator into DBMS native SQL,
- VOTable generator that converts JDBC ResultSet into a VOTable,
- Table/Column metadata editor,
- Image cutout engine,
- etc...

In this paper, its detailed architecture of our toolkit is presented.

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