Billion Lines INdexing in a clicK (BLINK)

Nicolas Kamennoff (ACSEL), Sebastien Reybier (SoAMI/ACSEL, France), Sebastien Foucaud (NTNU-ES, Taiwan), Meng-Feng Tsai (NCU-CSIE, Taiwan), Cheng-Hsien Tang (NCU-CSIE, Taiwan)


The coming generation of sky surveys are going to provide measurements for properties of a number of objects like never have been reached before. Astronomical Database will have to deal with requests on several billions of entries at once, and therefore a fast indexing algorithm is vital for the next generation of Data-Center. As part of the efforts linked to the setting up of the Taiwan Extragalactic Astronomical Data Center (TWEA-DC), BLINK is developed to satisfy this role. Based on a octahedral meshing of the sky coupled with a very fast HDR (Hierarchical Triangular Mesh) and a clever parallelization amongst available resources, it will be able to index large chunk of the sky in a very limited period of time. BLINK will be the algorithm behind the ′on-the-fly′ matching facility proposed by the TWEA-DC.

In this poster we will describe the architecture of the software as part of BLINK and present some initial performance tests of the software.

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